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Qigong Promotion

Like European Sports Qigong Association we just to organize courses to bring everyone the Art of Qigong. In these short-term classroom courses, you will learn different aspects of Qigong.
If you want to delve deeper into the Qigong world, we impart  Professionals Training
We also organize conferences in which, teachers and experts from around the world come to share with us their Qigong knowledge, either its physical (martial), therapeutic, spiritual, or sports aspects. Will also share their studies and theses completed.
Inside our European Association we also have professionals involved in research covering aspects such as improving health, study of systems and routines, along with the theoretical and longevity Qigong aspects.

We have as main objective to get the Qigong reach everyone including business, thereby trying to improve the lives and happiness to enhancing the production of workers. We also come to schools to improve concentration and ability of students.

At time, we are developing the Art of Qigong for all of those people wishing to contact with it, while we share own experience and knowledge about this wonderful art.

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