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The European Sports Qigong Association, in an effort to unify and make accessible different Qigong systems all practitioners and schools as well as theoretical and practical knowledge , provides collaboration agreements or partnerships with national and international schools wishing to share their knowledge and systems with our partners so we can access more information and the ability to standardize these systems by the European Sports Qigong Association .

Having thousands of Qigong routines and countless modifications , agreements allow us to not only learn new routines but to agree the standardizations or modifications of these routines , to make them more accessible to members and practitioners through our knowledge and experience in their application .

Our goal is to reach all schools and associations , unify systems and modifications, Qigong paths and ways to work it ( martial, therapeutic , spiritual ) and be the greatest referent of Qigong information and systems together into a single point of contact of the various associations and schools.

Cooperation agreements also allow us to interact to help in the organization of events , exhibitions , competitions , conferences , etc . Being a framework to prevent the spread of knowledge and practice.

Are you interested? Join us and help us to bring Qigong further.

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