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Delegations Appointment

As a International Association we have stipulated a National delegation assignment related to our goals. As a internal arts practitioner, if you want you can be our representative into your country. You just have to send your CV to our contact email explaining the reasons why you want this assignment.
You only can choose to request national delegations that are vacant. To find out availability click here
Liability of International Delegate:
a. Promote the Qigong practice through Championships, Conferences, Courses, Exhibitions, etc ...
b. Pay the international fee as a partner, it cost 100€ (annual). The payment method will be through international transfer in the Asocición account.
International Delegate rights:
a. To organize National Championships under the supervision of the International Competition Committee.
b. Get the International Referee title, once passed the tests at no cost.
c. Organize Conferences, Courses and Training in their country under the coordination of the ESQA. Free of charge.
d. Serve as a vehicle for other schools or associations can partner in your own country.
For more information please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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