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Procedures & Rules

These rules are designed to protect associated, delegates, competitors and referees members of ESQA.

1º All associates will be able to benefit from discounts in each ESQA championships held in Spanish territory.

2º Masters, Monitors, Instructors, Teachers, and Associate Referees will have the obligation to renew annual membership in each of their national delegations.

3º The ESQA gives in sports realm as teaching certification titles: Monitor (1 year), Instructor (2 years) and Professor (3 years) in Qigong scopes, also issued international referee qualifications. All other grades will be achieved on sporting, educational merit, or work on behalf of ESQA. All published official results will come out through our official website

4º The ESQA organizes training and development courses during the year, having to specify the place, date and name of the Master or teacher who will guide these specializations (MONITORS, INSTRUCTORS, TEACHERS and REFEREES) considering that for achieving them, the applicant must go through the National Court Degrees.

5º The National Grades Court shall consist of professionals with over ten years of experience in the field.

6º The training department should organizing an annual course of arbitration and recycling as many as necessary to maintain the proper level of the referees.

7º All athletes affiliates are entitled to discounts on training courses and can play all competitions for which they are qualified.

8º To obtain discounts on both training and ESQA championships, athletes must have annual membership day, otherwise will be treated as external member.

9º The international delegations shall appoint a representative who will be responsible for the proper conduct of each competition and send the results to the Competition Committee. The Delegate of Competition will be required to fill the sheets with the results and send them to Central to be recognized and approved.

10º The ESQA recognizes the right of its members to participate in championships of other federations, associations or clubs, likewise opens its doors to all those athletes who do not belong to the AEQD wish to participate in any of the activities organized, whether competitions or formations.

11º All the athletes who will compete go abroad should notify 7 days in advance of its Central so that it can deal with inscriptions.

12º Interested in the homologate Qualifications by the ESQA. 

We accept certifications from other associations and federations. If you want to validate your certification we offer three different options A, B and C. You must submit documentation attesting to the hours of training conducted, then our professional studies which certification is right for you.

Following approvals:

  • Homologate A: MONITOR ON QIGONG ASPECTS. Price: 500€
  • Homologate B: INSTRUCTOR ON QIGONG ASPECTS. . Price: 800€
  • Homologate C: TEACHER ON QIGONG ASPECTS. . Price: 1000€

Please remember, all approvals should be credited with the original certification of the applicant providing the number of hours and subjects. Following consideration and approval we will prepare a private certificate of our association which will be sent to the address you provide.

13º The homologate shall be issued on private certificate stamped and signed by the President of the ESQA European Sports Qigong Association.

14º The ESQA authorize competitors participation from other federations, associations, schools or clubs in our championships. For that, only you must fill the application form, submit sports insurance and pay participation rates like external member.

15º The rules of ESQA competition are the only valid  to manage Qigong Sports competitions throughout the European territory. In case of disagreement, the coaches and competitors will have to submit to what dictates the Appeals Committee based on their claims.

16º They are only authorized to conduct Sports Qigong Championships, in the European territory, the associations, clubs, schools or federations considered by the ESQA European Sports  Qigong Association official members.

17º The ESQA has the power to remove all national delegate who hold in bad faith or against the interests of the association, within the international arena.

18º The ESQA recognize all styles and aspects of Qigong with adaptive sports, giving open letter to their participation in any of the tournaments that are organized. All competitions will be governed by our ESQA Competitions Rules in all different categories and events..

19º Will be the ESQA managers who will designates international championships places.

20º The ESQA in an effort to help growth will measures of its possibilities to all clubs and athletes associated.

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