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Economic and Financial System and Equity

Article  32.

1.    The Association is subjected to the regime of budget and own property.
2.    The initial capital or Social Fund of the Association is zero euros.
3.    The maximum annual budget shall not exceed 100.000 euros

Article  33.

1. Profit-making is expressly excluded as  purpose of the Association. Its assets only may be allocated to industrial, commercial, professional or of service aims, or perform activities of the same nature when the prospective returns are applied in full to the promotion and development of the social order.
2. It can promote cultural facilities and sports aimed at the general public, using the profits to the development of its social order.

Article  34.

1. The Association may tax and transfer its assets, borrow money and issue debt representative transferable securities or part of the equity share. The securities shall be nominative and broadcast operations should be authorized by a two-thirds majority of the General Assembly
2. This operation should not irreversibly compromise the assets of the Association

Article  35.

The budget shall be annual nature shall contain the estimate of revenue and expenses,  and should be balanced.

Article  36.

1. The funds provided for the development of the aims and activities of the Association are:

1.1 Membership fees, regular or extraordinary.
1.2 The grants, bequests or donations that may be legally received by partners or third parties.
1.3 Any other lawful

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