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Article  30.

1. Regarding the internal regime of the Association and disciplinary purposes, the specific rules and regulations that it develops will be directly applicable, as long as, the Board has submitted to General Assembly and approval.

2. Every case of expulsion of members or removal of directors, will be always taken prior to initiation of hearing proceedings concerned.

3. The Disciplinary Authority corresponds to the Board.

4. The Discipline Committee shall be the body responsible for developing and modifying the rules of the Association in disciplinary matters, being only necessary the consent of the Board for that purpose.

5. The field of the sport discipline of the Association extends to violations of general regulations, as well as those established in each competition and / or sporting event in which the partners take part and / or collaborate.

6. The Discipline Committee exercises disciplinary authority over all persons which are part of its organizational structure: delegations, athletes, technicians, managers, judges, desk assistants, and in general, all those people who still associates and develop the  and Chinese martial arts competitions for this set.

6.1 Delegations and judges belonging to the Association shall exercise disciplinary authority, that rightfully belong them, in their respective areas in accordance with the provisions of the statutes and regulations of the Association.

7. The disciplinary system shall be aplayed without prejudice of the civil or criminal liability in which partnes and resposible persons, mentioned in the previous point, may incur .

8. The Discipline Committee of the Association shall consist of four members: a President, a Secretary and two members.

8.1 Members of the Sports Discipline Committee of the Association shall be appointed as provided in these bylaws

9. The Committee shall have full freedom in the assessment and evaluation of evidence, records and reports.

9.1 In determining the responsibility of sports infringements, the Discipline Committee of the Association shall instruct the appropriate proceedings in accordance with the informing principles  of  the penal law, giving hearing to the parties concerned prior to its decision or resolution.
9.2 The decisions or resolutions of the Committee shall be executives and  appeal against them may be brought in the terms set out in paragraph 16 of this section.

10. Corresponds to its members:

10.1 To receive, with a minimum of forty-eight hours, the announcement containing the agenda of meetings and information on the topics listed, making it available to the partners.
10.2 To participate in discussions.
10.3 To exercise their right to vote.
10.4 To formulate questions and answers.
10.5 To get the information required to perform its assigned functions.
10.6 Any other duties that are inherent to their condition.
10.7 In case of absence or illness and, in general, when any sufficient motivation, the members of the body will be replaced according to the rules specified herein.

11. Functions of the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee are:

11.1 To represent the Association in competitions.
11.2 To convene regular and special meetings and setting the agenda, taking into account, where appropriate, the requests of the other members made well in advance.
11.3 To chair meetings, to moderate the develop of debates and to suspend them in case of sufficient motivation.
11.4 To resolve ties with his or her vote, in order to take decisions or resolutions of its own scope.
11.5  To perform such other duties that are inherent in his capacity as Chairman of the Committee.
11.6 In case of absence, illness, or other legal cause, the President shall be replaced by the senior and older member, in this order, from among the members of the Discipline Committee of the Association.

12. The Secretary of the Discipline Committee of the Association shall be a member of one's own body appointed by the President and shall have no voting rights.

12.1 The Secretary, in case of absence, illness, or other legal cause will be replaced by the senior and older partner, in this order, from among the members of the Discipline Committee of the Association

The Secretary:

12.1.1 To attend meetings with voice but no vote.
12.1.2 To perform the call of the meetings of the body under the order of Chairman as well as citations to members.
12.1.3 To receive communication acts of the members with the body and, therefore, the notifications, requests for information, amendments or any other kind of writings which he or she should be aware.
12.1.4 To prepare the dispatch of business, keeping the minutes of the meetings at which the decisions or resolutions adopted its own scope.
12.1.5 Any other functions are inherent in his capacity as Secretary.

13. For the valid constitution of the body, for the purpose of holding meetings, deliberations and decisions or resolutions concerning their field of action, the presence of the President and Secretary will be required, or where necessary, whom replace them, and the half of its members, both in first and second call.

13.1 If a quorum is not reached for the first call session will be held on second call, with a minimum period of half an hour between them.
13.2  It may not be deliberated or agreement objet any item not included in the agenda, unless all the body members are present  and is declared the urgency of the matter by the affirmative vote of the majority.
13.3 The agreements and decisions or resolutions concerning their field of action will be adopted by majority vote.
13.4 Those who prove the ownership of a legitimate interest may address the secretary in order to be issued certification of their agreements.

14. In each meeting of the body shall be recorded by the Secretary, who shall specify necessarily the attendees, the agenda of the meeting, the circumstances of place and time in which it was held, the main points of the discussion and the content of the resolutions adopted, and the decision or resolution they have taken in their scope of action.

14.1 The minutes shall contain, at the request of the respective members of the Board, the vote against the adopted resolution, abstention and the reasons that justify it or  the sense of its favorable vote.
14.2 As well, any member has the right to request the full transcription of his speech or proposal, provided that contribution in the act, or the limit set by the President, the text that corresponds faithfully with his speech, thus becoming in the minutes or joining copy .
14.3 Members who disagree with the majority decision may make written dissent within forty-eight hours, which will join the approved text.
14.4 When the members of the body vote against or abstain, they will be exempted from the liability that, where necessary, may result from the agreements.
14.5 The minutes shall be always adopted in the same meeting.

15. Any decision or resolution Sports Disciplinary Committee of the Association shall be notified to the interested parties in the shortest time possible, with the maximum limit of one month from the day following its adoption.

16.The decisions of the Discipline Committee of the Association may be appealed, in the terms established in its rules.

16.1 The resources will only be reviewed by the Internal Committee if deemed admissible.

17. All the discussed points, along with the approval of internal regulations come into force on the day following its adoption by the Assembly General

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