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Documentary Regime

Article  37.

The documentary regime of the Association shall consist of:

1. A minute book in which will be chronologically collected all the lifted of the meetings held by the different bodys, indicating the date, attendees, topics discussed and decisions taken. The minutes shall be signed, in any case, by the President, Vice President and Secretary.

2. A ledger containing a reference to both the assets of the Association as the rights, liabilities, income and expenses of the Association must be clearly determined with the aids origin and fate of these.

2.1 In respect of income require the public sector to proceed.

3. A register of members in addition to their personal data shall contain the dates of registration and withdrawal, and the date of taking possession and removal from office in the governing bodies, in the case to have been chosen for this.

3.1 The closing date associative year is 31 December each year

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