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Article  23.

The people with capacity to act with an interest in the development of the aims of the Association may belong to the Association

Article  24.

Within the Association there will be the following classes of members :

24.1 Founders, which will be those involved in the act of incorporation of the Association.
25.2 In number, which will be entering after the constitution of the Association.
25.3 In honor, those whose prestige or for having contributed so relevant to the dignity and development of the Association, are deserving of such distinction. The appointment of honorary members shall belong to the (Board or General Assembly).

Article  25.

Partners will be resigned for any of the following causes:

25.1 Voluntary resignation, communicated in writing to the Board.
25.2 By participating in political or religious manifestations within the Association.
25.3 By agreement of the Board of Directors or by resolution of the Committee of Discipline and Competition derived from misconduct , upon instruction of record and  interested audience.
25.4 For breach of financial obligations if it failed to meet two installments

Article  26.

Founder and number partners will have the following rights:

26.1 To take part in all activities organized by the Association in accordance with its purposes.
26.2 To enjoy all the advantages and benefits that the Association can obtain.
26.3 To participate in the Assembly with voice and vote.
26.4 To be voter and eligible  for leadership positions.
26.5 To receive information on the resolutions adopted by the bodies of the Association.
26.6 To make suggestions, in General Assembly, to members of the Board in order to better fulfill the purposes of the Association.
26.7 To express freely opinions about the Association.
26.8 To present bills or proposals for the benefit of the Association or its members.
26.9 To promote modifications consider appropriate to this statute and its regulations.
26.10 To require strict compliance with the articles of this statute and its regulations.
26.11 To make good use of the assets of the Association to ensure their conservation.
26.12 To dismiss  leaders from their offices for breach of their duties.
26.13 To ensure jealously by the prestige of the Association.
26.14 To break away freely from the Association.

Los socios/as de número y fundadores tendrán los siguientes derechos:

26.1 Tomar parte en cuantas actividades organice la Asociación en cumplimiento de sus fines.
26.2 Disfrutar de todas las ventajas y beneficios que la Asociación pueda obtener.
26.3 Participar en las Asambleas con voz y voto.
26.4 Ser electores y elegibles para los cargos directivos.
26.5 Recibir información sobre los acuerdos adoptados por los órganos de la Asociación.
26.6 Hacer sugerencias, en Asamblea General, a los miembros de la Junta Directiva en orden al mejor cumplimiento de los fines de la Asociación.
26.7  Expresar libremente sus opiniones sobre la Asociación.
26.8 Presentar proyectos o proposiciones en beneficio de la Asociación o de sus miembros.
26.9  Promover las modificaciones que consideren convenientes a este estatuto y su reglamento.
26.10 Exigir el estricto cumplimiento de los artículos  del presente estatuto y su reglamento.
26.11 Hacer buen uso de los bienes de la Asociación velando por su conservación.
26.12 Destituir de los cargos a los dirigentes por incumplimiento de sus funciones.
26.13 Velar celosamente por el prestigio de la Asociación.
26.14 Separarse libremente de la Asociación.

Article  27.

Founder and number partners have the following obligations:

27.1 To meet the Statutes and valid agreements of the Assemblies and the Board.
27.2 To pay the fees that are set.
27.3 To attend Meetings and other events that are organized.
27.4 To carry out, where necessary, the obligations inherent in the position they occupy.
27.5 To assist in the management and administration of the Association if it were chosen for this.
27.6 To observe closer institutional solidarity.

Article  28.

1. Partners  of honor will have the same obligations as the founders and the number except under paragraphs 27.2, 27.4 and 27.5 of the previous article.
2. They will also have the same rights except those listed in paragraphs 26.3, 26.4, 26.10 and 26.12, Article 26, they may attend the meetings without voting rights


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