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General Assembly

Article  17.

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Association and shall consist of all members. Taking on obligations:

17.1 Report the policy of the Association, delegations and to the community at large.
17.2 Elect the members of the Board and the Internal Disciplinary Committee.
17.3 Oversee the management of the Board, requesting reports.
17.4 Dismiss members of the Board for justified cause, declare vacancies produced in management field and  its renewal

Article  18.

The meetings of the General Assembly will be ordinary and extraordinary. The meeting shall be held once a year within four months following the end of the year, the extraordinary shall be celebrated when the circumstances so warrant, the judgment of the President, when the Board so resolves or when a tenth of partners so proposes writing.

Article  19.

The notices of General Meetings shall be in writing stating the place, date and time of the meeting and the agenda with concrete expression of the issues under discussion. Between the announcement and the day appointed for the holding of the meeting on first call will have to mediate at least fifteen days, and it may likewise be recorded if appropriate the date and time that the Assembly will meet on the second call, no one to another to mediate within less than an hour

Article  20.

1. General Meetings, whether ordinary or extraordinary, shall be validly constituted on first call when the third of the members entitled to vote attend, and on second call regardless of the number of members voting.

2. Decisions shall be taken by simple majority of those present or represented when the positive votes outweigh the negative ones, the null votes, blank, or abstention will not be eligible for this purpose.
3. You will need a qualified majority of those present or represented, which result when the positive votes exceed half of them, for:

3.1 Dissolution of the entity.
3.2 Amendment of Bylaws.
3.3 Disposition or disposal of property, plant members.
3.4 Remuneration of members of the representative body.
3.5 Foundation of the "F.E.Q.D. Spanish Federation of Sport Qigong

Article  21.

The powers of the General Assembly:

21.1 To approve Management Board.
21.2 To consider and approve the annual accounts.
21.3 To elect the members of the Board.
21.4 To set regular or special fees.
21.5 Dissolution of the association.
21.6 Amendments to the Statutes.
21.7 Arrangement or disposition of assets.
21.8 To agree, where appropriate, the remuneration of the members of representative bodies.
21.9 To support the needs of partners.
21.10 Anyone other than competence attributed to another corporate body

Article  22.

They require agreement of the Extraordinary General Assembly convened for the purpose:

22.1 Amendments to the Statutes.
22.2 Dissolution of the Association

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