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Structure of representation

Article  6.

The association will be managed and represented by a board of directors formed: a president, a vice- president, a secretary, a treasurer and a member. Board members will not have salary or profit. They shall be appointed and removed by the General Assembly and its mandate will last for four years.

Article  7.

These may resign by voluntary resignation communicated in writing to the Board, for breach of the obligations that were assigned and by expiry of the mandate.

Article  8.

The members of the Board who have exhausted the term for which they were elected, have to continue to hold office until such time occurs acceptance of replacing them.

Article  9.

The Board shall meet as often as it was determined by its President  and by  initiative or the request of the General Assembly. It will be constituted when half plus one of its members attend, and it will be necesary majority vote so as to their agreements are valid. In case of a tie, the vote of the President  will be of quality.

Article  10.

Powers of the Board:

The powers of the Board shall extend generally to all the pertaining acts to the aims of the Association, if they do not require, according to these Bylaws, expressly authorized by the General Assembly.

The powers of the Board particular:

10.1 To direct the social activities and to run economic and administrative management of the Association, agreeing to make the necessary contracts and actions.
10.2 To implement the resolutions of the General Assembly.
10.3 To develop and to submit to the General Assembly for approval the annual accounts and balance sheets.
10.4 To decide on the admission of new members.
10.5 To appoint delegates for specific activities of the Association.
10.6 To establish regional delegations.
10.7 To agree and to predispose on the actions of the regional delegations. For this purpose it shall provide appropriate documentation to interested parties.
10.8 To tend institutional progress and to enhance their prestige in their relationships with their peers and delegations, for the expansion and welfare of the Association, while safeguarding its integrity and improving the associated benefits.
10.9 To manage its operation under the direction of the President.
10.10 To attend assemblies and meetings, both ordinary and extraordinary.
10.11 Any other power than the exclusive competence of the General Assembly members.

Article  11.

The president shall have the following powers:

11.1 To represent with legality the Association before any kind of public or private bodies.
11.2 to convene, to preside and to lift meetings held by the General Assembly and the Board as well as to lead the deliberations of both.
11.3 To order payments and to authorize by signing the documents, records and correspondence.
11.4 To adopt any urgent measure to the smooth running of the Association advises or in the development of their activities is necessary or desirable, subject to later realize the Board.
11.5 To name and to renew the staff employed by the partnership agreement of the Board.
11.6 To accredit delegations officially annexed to the Association.
11.7 To ensure the proper functioning of the Secretariat, Treasury and delegations.
11.8 To request reports on the activities of the delegations and members of the Board.
11.9 To ratify his signature domestic arrangements of regional delegations.
11.10 To ensure the proper functioning of the Association achieve and delegations.

Article  12.

The vicepresident will replace the President in his absence, due to illness or any other cause, and he or she will have the same powers as him.

Article  13.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the conduct of purely administrative work of the Association, he or she will issue certifications, will take the books of the Association legally established and the associated file, and will safeguard the documentation of the organization, making communications are entered on appointment of boards of directors and other corporate agreements that can be registered to the corresponding registers, as well as the compliance with the documentary requirements corresponding to legal terms. He or she must also :

13.1 Request a helper if necessary.
13.2 Maintain an updated file of the internal rules of the Association.
13.3 custodian under his responsibility all documents delivered by the President.
13.4 Perform the duties designated by the President.

Article  14.

The treasurer shall collect and safeguard the funds belonging to the Association and shall comply with the payment orders issued by the President . He or she must also:

14.1 Together with the President subscribe banking documents and others of accounting type.
14.2 Pay out user fees, providing receipts.
14.3 Perform cash count for presentation to the General Assembly.
14.4 Formulate the draft budget to the assembly and annual balances of the Association.
14.5 Perform all functions of administrative procedure do not cited relating to his or her office.

Article  15.

The Members shall have the duties of his office as members of the Board, as well as those born of delegations or working committees that the Board require.

Article  16.

The vacancies that might occur during the term of any member of the Board, shall be provisionally covered by board members until the final election by the General Assembly called for the purpose.

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