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Designation, Purpose, Address and Scope

Article  1.

It is established the ASSOCIATION with the denomination «A.E.Q.D. Asociación Española de Qigong Deportivo» according to the Spanish Organic Act 1/2002 of March 22th and the complementary norms, with legal personality and full capacity to act and non-profit

Article  2.

This Association is established for an indefinite time .

Article  3.

The existence of this Association has as primary purpose, the practice of Qigong of competition and as secondary purpose, the Chinese martial arts practice. The objective is:

3.1 To promote through the Qigong sport competitions.
3.2 To represent and to promote specific values resulting from sports practice of Qigong.
3.3 To encourage the active participation of members in physical education and sport enthusiast.
3.4 To promote Qigong therapeutic effects in other sports and athletic disciplines.
3.5 To promote the participation of the student community in sports.
3.6 To contribute to the physical, theoretical, ethical and spiritual partners.
3.7 To promote community participation in social, sporting and cultural.
3.8 To promote,  to advise and to regulate the refereeing of Qigong competitions.
3.9 To promote the development of regional delegations related to our subject.
3.10 To prevent members participating delegations system for profit or discrimination.
3.11 To promote cooperation agreements with European organizations Sport Qigong, as well as with organizations and public and private institutions related to Sport Qigong in China.

Article  4.

In order to fulfill these goals, it will make the following activities:

4.1 To promote and organized sport events(championships, exhibitions, performances, etc..)
4.2 To form or to join other organizations related to sports in general
4.3 To receive other organizations with the same goals  in order to get the point 3.12/Art3.
4.4 To create Regional Delegations related to our bylaws and objectives.
4.5 To promote, to perform and to support training courses, lectures, classes or conferences for members.
4.6 In general, to  perform all actions designed to better achieve its proposed aims.

Article  5.

The Association establishes its registered office in Azuqueca de Henares, C/ Marcelino Orozco 19, 2º Izq. CP. 19200, and its territory which will primarily perform their activities is all the territory of the State.

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