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The E.S.Q.A. European Sports Qigong Association is an international organization formed by a group of professionals trained and specialized in all Qigong aspects, including sports side. We represent bioenergy techniques values of Chinese origin throughout Europe countries, always guided by a passion and commitment that we have between internal arts and sport.

We have detected, with great satisfaction, that more and more often Qigong is present in Western society; in turn we observe that its more widespread styles are physics, therapeutic and spiritual. The implementation of the sporting side was one of the impulses that led to this project, since by the time; this area is undeveloped in Europe.

Therefore, our main purpose lies in establishing national and international sporting competitions sites covered by our competition rules.

These rules allow the participation of all Qigong styles and its different aspects, regardless of age or level of participants, and above all, without thought or nationalities discriminations.

To this purpose, we have arranged national delegations attached to the European Sports Qigong Association whose management will be independent and free, that we as an association only pretend to be a binding platform for European Qigong. An independent national coordinator shall govern these delegations. To know if your country has no delegation, please, check the section members and request it.

We have provided a large number of projects, among which are:

  • Promote Qigong through competitions.
  • Prepare national and international specialized referees.
  • To teach future professionals in the physical, therapeutic, spiritual and sports aspects.
  • Designate national delegates linked to our bylaws.
  • Conduct training courses, classes and lectures between our associated countries.
  • Develop partnership agreements with global organizations related to our projects, as well as public and private institutions related to in China Sports Qigong thus contributing to the physical, moral and spiritual development of our associates.

This will help to establish social, emotional and spiritual relationships among different people and cultures helping to install values such as respect for others and made constructive competition. Also, from the Association, we want to convey a philosophy of life, governed by culture and Chinese tradition.

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To know more about our organization, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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